Our Workshops

Every organization has the same problems: systems and people. 360 Business Solutions, Inc. works in a synergistic mode, offering public workshops and on-site customized training that stands out in three ways:

  • Affordable
  • Condensed into half-day sessions
  • Highly Interactive


ARE DYNAMIC – Every workshop is packed with action and exercises that engage the participants and bring the material to life.

ARE COMPETANCY BASED – Participants come out of each workshop with skills and competencies that they can immediately use to improve their job performance.

GET PEOPLE BACK ON THE JOB – The modularized nature of the workshop can minimize the time people are away from the job.

OFFER FLEXIBILITY – The workshops are modularized so a delivery schedule can be set to minimize work disruptions and allows topics to be prioritized based on needs.

SUPPORT SPACED LEARNING – The workshops are spaced over time to allow the participants to practice and master the material between sessions.

ENCOURAGE ACCOUNTABILITY – The workshops emphasize skills rather than theory. The participants are encouraged to create personal action plans and share them with management.

ENSURES APPLICATION – Each module concludes with back-home application assignments to ensure the skills are not forgotten but utilized between sessions.

EMPLOYS STATE OF THE ART MATERIALS – The participant workbooks are the best on the market today to ensure ease of use, reuse, and maximum impact.

ADVOCATES CUSTOMER FOCUSED TRAINING – Tailor the training to meet individual client needs and help make critical implementation decisions for lasting results.

The following public workshops are just a sample of those we offer in a convenient, affordable, half-day format. These also can be presented on-site for your staff. We would be happy to fax, email, or send you detailed workshop outlines and schedules.
• Diversity Education
• Effective Supervisory Skills
• Tax Exempt Management and Compliance
• Time Management
• Building Your Team for Success
• Conflict Resolution
• Leading Through Trust
• The Art of Negotiation
• Leading People Through Change
• Communicating With Skill
• Tax Preparation — Individual
• Trust-Based Leadership
• Controlling Stress
• Becoming Customer Focused
• Positive Impact: Attitude
• Effective Meetings (A Board Meeting or Bored Meeting)
• Who’s In Charge? Working Effectively with the CEO
• Trust
• Creating Teams
• Face to Face
• Effective Meetings
• Emotional Excellence
• Taking Responsibility
• Conflict Resolution
• Empowering Employees
• Setting Performance Expectations
• Time Management
• Team Decision Making
• Winning Relationships

4.1 Description of Services

360 Business Solutions, Inc. delivers on the promise of providing high performance solutions. With our large portfolio of products and services, we are able to tailor the solutions to meet our client’s specific business goals. Our portfolio includes:

    • Individual Workshops, in-house or on-site.
    • High Performance training solutions for teambuilding, leadership, management development, personal development, frontline employees and sales professionals.
    • Consulting processes that analyze the current state of an organization and establish measures for success by setting short and long-term goals.
    • Web Based Assessment tools designed to solve the “people problems” that rob profitability and reduce efficiency and effectiveness.

360 Business Solutions, Inc. presents High Performance workshops in many different formats:

  • Public Workshops: Weekly on-site workshops open to individuals.
  • In-House workshops: We can deliver any of our half-day workshops at our customer’s location.
  • Company getaway: We can deliver multiple workshops over a one, two or three day period of time.

Workshop Titles

    • Building Your Team for Success – Proven Strategies for Superior Work Teams
    • Becoming Customer Focused – How to Make Stand-out Service Your Organizations Finest Asset
    • Mastering the Art of Time Management – Proven Strategies for Raising Productivity
    • Conflict Resolution – Resolving Conflicts the Right Way
    • Coaching Your Business Team – How to Inspire Effective Teamwork for Winning Performance
    • Becoming an Effective Leader
    • Reaching Success Through Self-Mastery
    • Leading Through Trust – How to Empower Others to do Their Best
    • Making Meetings Work – How to Maximize Meeting Effectiveness and Efficiency
    • Welcome to Hiring for the 21st Century – A Seminar for Finding, Hiring, and Retaining Great People!
    • In Pursuit of Goals – Practical Steps to Go for the Gold in Life
    • Becoming a High-Performance Sales Professional
    • The Art of Negotiation – Persuasion Techniques That Can Work For You
    • Speaking in Public – How to Present Your Best Performance Every Time
    • Leading People Through Change
    • How to Manage Projects and Meet Deadlines
    • Effective Delegation Skills – How to Raise Productivity and Develop Your Staff
    • Communicating With Skill – Tips for Getting Your Message Across Every Time
    • Discovering Excellence as a Supervisor
    • New Employee Orientation – How to Reduce Turnover and Save Money With a Superb Introductory Program
    • Learning to Control Stress So Stress Doesn’t Control You
    • Winning the Battle Against Negativity
    • Handling Problem People Successfully
    • How to Give and Receive Feedback With Skill
    • Preventing Workplace Procrastination
    • Learning for Life – How to Enrich your Career with Lifelong Learning
    • Making Work Fun – How to Creatively Boost Productivity and Employee Morale
    • Mentoring – How it brings out the Potential in Others
    • Creative Thinking and You – How to cultivate the Innovative Ability You Didn’t Know You Had
    • Performance Reviews that Really Work – How to Prevent Appraisals From Becoming a Waste of Time

High Performance Training Solutions
360 Business Solutions, Inc. provides the most advanced and up-to-date training programs. Our training workshops create awareness of issues and start the process of change by providing the tools needed to make lasting improvements. Training titles include:

High Performance Leadership
Examine the roles and practices of the most successful leaders and learn how to lead by empowering the development of others.

Career Builder
Develop knowledge and skills that will significantly increase your personal effectiveness and ability to successfully interact and lead others. Never before have such diverse and critically important business, interpersonal, and leadership topics been combined into a training series with such impact.

Principles of High-performance
Participate in a real-life simulation of a work environment that will help you experience a high performance organization and learn what you have to do in your company to get there.

Skills for High Performance Teamwork
Learn social and technical skills, including communication, decision-making, conflict resolution, and problem solving, that team members need to thrive in a team environment.

Developing High Performance Teams
Develop the infrastructure of a high performance team through developing a charter, understanding customer requirements, diagramming workflow, setting goals, and clarifying roles.

Personal Effectiveness
Positive Impact
Examine a set of behaviors that are beneficial at all levels of an organization. Participants will learn how to be the type of employee successful companies fight to keep, by applying seven high-performance behaviors to their professional life.

The Trust Factor: Creating Win-Win relationships
Develop your communication and behavior skills to create a climate of trust, collaboration and goodwill with coworkers.

Self-Mastery: A Plan for Personal Success
Learn a set of principles and personal management skills that will change how you view your life and enable you to grow in personal confidence and effectiveness.

Principles of Partnership Selling: Mastering the Sales Process
Learn to bridge your company’s offerings and your customers needs, while determining how to maintain a strong presence in the marketplace and create financial stability.

Core Skills: Building a Strong Foundation
Learn to enhance your core skills, building a solid foundation on which to launch successful selling partnerships that bridge your company’s offerings and your clients needs.

Business and Tax Consulting Services
360 Business Solutions, Inc. will provide a variety of consulting services. Among these services are the following:
Business Assessments
Identify strengths, weaknesses, and improvement opportunities of your organization through a comprehensive assessment of its current performance.

Analyze the challenges and opportunities of your environment and make conscious choices about how to deliver value to your customers and distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Principles of High Performance
Participate in a real-life simulation of a work environment that will help you experience a high performance organization and learn what you have to do in your company to get there.

The best companies invest in their people. They realize that their employees are more than a payroll expense. Employees are intelligent and resourceful people who can think, learn, and therefore, continually improve their value and ability to contribute to the organization.
The best companies within any industry invest in their employees by providing them with training to become a knowledgeable and committed workforce. Training is not simply another perk or reward for above-par job performance. It is an absolute necessity that pays for itself many times over in improved performance and business results.

Through simulations, case studies, behaviour modeling, application exercises, group discussion, and skill building employees walk away with advanced competencies in the following critical areas:

•Self-management and personal effectiveness
•Interpersonal relationships, communication, and trust
•Teamwork and collaboration
•Leadership and accomplishing results through others


Trust: The Game of Collaboration:
A fun and dynamic simulation that teaches people the results of win-lose strategies. Learn how to build trust and achieve win/win outcomes with others.

Creating Teams: A Blueprint for High Performance:
Experience the advantages of high-performing teams over traditional work groups. Understand the essential ingredients of teams and how to create them.

Face to Face: Communication for Today’s Professional:
Improve relationships by practicing a powerful model of two-way communication to ensure that people establish mutual understanding before taking action.

Effective Meetings: The Power to Get Things Done:
Few would disagree that many (if not most) meetings are poorly organized and run. Learn how to create effective and efficient meetings that result in action and accountability.

Emotional Excellence: Handling Life’s Challenges:
When and how do we get hooked” into unproductive ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving? Identify the weakening patterns that keep us from being fully capable and learn strategies and techniques to conquer them.

Taking Responsibility: How to be Proactive not Reactive:
“Claim ownership” of the results of your life and learn to see choices available in each circumstance and situation. Experience the power and personal effectiveness that come from owning responsibility.

Conflict Resolution: The Road to Win/Win:
Learn about healthy and unhealthy ways of dealing with interpersonal conflict. Assess your own “style” and practice a powerful skill for resolving conflicts in a way that everyone wins.

Empowering Employees: A Guide for Success:
Learn to solicit commitment rather than compliance from others. Learn the elements of empowerment and specific tools for transferring responsibilities to others.

Setting Performance Expectations: A Guide to Managing People:
High performing organizations require more –not less -from their employees. Learn to set performance expectations and then confront behavior that fails to meet those expectations.

Time Management: Acting From My Priorities:
Understand the difference between “urgent” and “important” and develop habits of self-management that allow you to be proactive and not reactive in the use of time.

Team Decisions: Making Things Happen:
Understand several methods of group decision-making and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Learn methods of making wise decisions based upon a correct analysis of the problem and exploration of all alternatives.

Winning Relationships: Strengthening Self and Others:
Understand the critical features of a vibrant and strong relationship and develop skills to interact with others in ways that strengthen their ability to clarify their vision and handle life’s problems.